Egg-ceptional Rose

mini red rose bud sitting inside half of an egg shell

Image by Still Unique Photography

No one ever thought that a rose bud and a few egg shells could be friends. In fact, rose buds don’t usually associate with egg shells. They come from different backgrounds, you know. (But that was never told this tiny red rose bud.) When she saw the beautiful egg shells, she was captivated. The rose bud loved the whiteness on the inside of the shells and the rich brown color on the outside. But most of all, the little red rose bud was enamored with the egg shell’s rough jagged edges and the hardness of the shells. Without giving it a second thought, the rose bud approached the egg shells and asked to be their friend. You can’t believe the look of shock on the egg shells’ faces, for they couldn’t imagine what the rose bud saw in them. They played together all afternoon and their friendship blossomed. For the little red rose bud, the highlight was when she was able to actually sit inside one of the strong and beautiful egg shells. She felt so blessed and honored! But for the egg shells, being admired for their beauty and strength, and not being seen as just broken egg shells, meant more to them than the little red rose bud would ever know.

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