Out On A Limb

Aqua opal jeweled bug hangs from a branch of an evergreen tree.

Image by Still Unique Photography


Sometimes in order to move forward, we have to go out on a limb. These experiences tend to be a bit frightening because we are way beyond our comfort zone. We are in unfamiliar territory and we aren’t at all sure about the outcome. We usually imagine it can go one of two ways. Either we come crashing down, because the limb broke (or we just couldn’t hold on any longer), or we become comfortable with the limb and feel ourselves moving onward and upward. Our egos will tell us with 100% confidence that we should stay far away from limbs because bad things can happen. But our hearts will tell us to “go for it” because it will be for our highest good, regardless of the outcome. So, the next time you are faced with this choice, what will it be… limb or no limb?

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