What’s In Your Basket?

a grass woven basket filled with orange letters with the letters L O V E in different letters on top.

Image by Still Unique Photography

Have you ever taken a word inventory?  Have you ever thought about the kinds of words you use to talk and think about yourself, your situation, others, and life? I know the old saying is, “stick and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me” but…. they will.  Words are powerful, and the ones we use, either silently or aloud, determine how we feel about ourselves, others, and life. We collect these powerful words, like eggs in a basket, and carry them around with us where ever we go.

It is said that there are really only two emotions:  fear and love.  All other emotions are just a variation of one or the other.  If we are feeling anxious, worried, nervous, depressed, tense, insecure, and negative most of the time, then we are using words that are based on fear.  However, if we are feeling calm, joyful, secure, comfortable, contented, and positive, then we are using words that are based on love. Whatever we are feeling, we can be assured it started with a word.

Our words affect more than just ourselves.  Whatever we are carrying around in our basket is what we have to offer to others.  If our words are negative and fear based, then this is what we have to give.  However, the good news is, we can choose the kinds of words that will create the kinds of feelings we desire both for ourselves, and to pass along to others.  So, what’s in your basket?  Or, maybe a better question is….what do you want to put in your basket?

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  1. mewhoami
    Dec 19, 2013 @ 17:56:36

    Excellent post! This is true. We are what we say we are. Our moods, our responses and even our day is determined by the words we use. You are right that these words also affect others. For example, I am very critical of myself and use words to express that. My husband lives with the critical me and that attitude brings him down, because he feels that nothing he can say is good enough to prove to me that I am worth more than I feel that I am. So as I’m being critical of myself, he is feeling like a failure. So, that is one thing that I know needs to be removed from my basket.


    • LyndaA
      Dec 19, 2013 @ 18:21:47

      Thank you. I’m so glad you found these “words” helpful. I find that taking inventory is an ongoing process. If I slack off, those negative thoughts come creeping back in and before I know my basket is full of unwanted words.


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