The Man with the Plan

The Plan

Image by Still Unique Photography

It is very clear that if I want to succeed then I have to relinquish all control to the Man with The Plan.  I am not in charge of this creative endeavor; I’m a volunteer. It’s for my own good that I don’t know the whole Plan because I would very likely rush ahead and try to make “it” happen as quickly as possible, skipping essential steps along the way.  Because I am a problem solver and figure-outer, in no time I would be heading down the path toward frustration and failure.

So who is the Man with The Plan and why should I trust him?  First of all, it is not a man. I only chose that word because it rhymed with “plan” and I like the way “the Man with The Plan” sounds. It is really the wisdom within, the Divine, my true Self, God, my higher Self, the all-knowing Presence, the eternal perfect essence of who I really am. It is where love, truth, and power reside.  It is my deepest authentic self and it is who I am created to be.  It is limitless abundance.  It is what fashioned the universe and the rose.  It is the positive energy that manifests all things into existence and it holds all the knowledge and power to the fulfillment of my dreams.

Most people would agree that in order to succeed at anything, one needs a good solid plan. Although I started with one, I soon realized that this endeavor was way bigger than I had anticipated.  I also realized that the passion and desire I had was coming from a place much deeper than my little ego self. Inspirations and ideas would arise almost by themselves instead of me trying to create them or figure out how to get them.  At this point, I understood that something greater than my limited perception of myself was involved here, and a Plan grander than mine was evolving.  I realized that if I wanted to succeed, then I would need to relinquish my leadership role.

Like all successful endeavors, mine too, has a very specific and detailed plan which is kept here in this box. It’s a fool-proof plan guaranteed to manifest into a successful fulfilling experience.  Like many employees in a company, I didn’t create The Plan, I don’t know all of the particulars of it, and I don’t manage it.  However, I trust the One who did and I trust The Plan He created. I let go of having to know the whole picture.  I am never left in the dark as each day I am given something from the box to accomplish.  My job is to focus on this next step, and to do what is mine to do.

When I forget about The Man with The Plan, then I start thinking I need to figure everything out and am easily overwhelmed.  When this happens, I’m like a tired swimmer caught in a riptide.  I’m barely able to keep my head above water, as I’m being slowly pulled further and further out to sea. I begin to lose hope, start doubting myself, and entertain all kinds of negative thoughts.  I feel tense, small, limited, and ineffective.  As the leader and creator of this undertaking, I feel completely inadequate (which I am).  This box helps to remind me that there is a specific Plan and something greater is in control.    I may not know exactly where I am going and I definitely don’t know how I am getting there; but I do know what I need to know to keep moving forward.  And what about all the rest? ….. The Man with The Plan has it all under control.

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