Permission to Blossom


Image by Still Unique Photography

Have you ever felt like this rose … all bound up because you are unable to let yourself be yourself?  There is really only one reason we feel this way:  fear.  We’re afraid to be who we really are because we’re afraid of the negative consequences we think we will encounter, such as the judgment of others, failure, and rejection. We’ve allowed ourselves to be tied up by expectations and shackled to approval-seeking. We’ve devoted ourselves to being who we think we should be instead of letting ourselves be who we really are.

But the truth is, we are only asked, even encouraged, to simply be who we are created to be.  There are no other expectations, no additional requirements, and nothing more we need to do.  Living a life of fulfillment, happiness, peace, and joy isn’t a result of reaching external goals, fulfilling expectations, or meeting certain standards.  It is the result of being ourselves, of living authentically.  Taking off that which binds us can be scary, but when we realize it is our pathway to true peace and joy, we won’t be able to untie ourselves quickly enough!  So, as we give ourselves permission to bloom, let’s be prepared to be “wowed” by who unfolds.

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