Each Unique Piece

Each Unique Piece

Images by Still Unique Photography

Has a PlaceFinding our place within the One Magnificent Whole is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  Even though we know how to do it, it is still a long process; one that honors our uniqueness and acknowledges it as our most important asset.   

Like the pieces of a puzzle, in the beginning, we are segregated.  We’re lumped together based on a quick observation of our physical appearance, with little or no attention given to our uniqueness.  Finding our place starts as a trial and error process, which can be painful at times.  Because of this quick “first impression” assessment, it is often assumed we will fit into certain spots.  We may even be forced into a position and remain there for quite a while.  During this painful time, we feel pressured and out of sync and begin to wonder what is wrong with us.  While it sure looks as though this is where we are supposed to be, it just doesn’t feel right.  We see that, not only are we miserable, but we are also adversely affecting the pieces nearest to us.  It seems that we may be hindering or preventing them from fitting in and finding their unique place.

After we’ve tried everything we can think of to fit in, we finally come to a time when we shift our focus.  Instead of wondering what is wrong with us, we begin to entertain that idea that maybe we’re just in the wrong place.  We begin to understand that just because we look a certain way, does not necessarily mean we have to fit into a particular place.  In time, we learn to look more closely at our uniqueness and to honor it.  With patience, we examine our options carefully until we find the one that was created just for us.  As we settle comfortably into our perfect place, we feel secure, confident, and fulfilled.

From this process, we’ve acquired a deeper appreciation of our uniqueness.  Like the pieces of a puzzle, we proudly acknowledge that none of us is exactly alike. Sometimes, one has to look very closely to see our uniqueness, but it’s there.  We’ve learned that there is no need for comparisons or judgments because we are all equal; no piece is better or of more value than any other.  If any one piece is missing, the Magnificent Whole would be incomplete. We each have a place which has been created specifically for us.  No other piece can fit into our spot as perfectly as we can.  In addition, while others may help us find our place, we are the only ones who can determine whether we are in the right place or not.  Finding our perfect spot is what we are all here to do and it is both a process and a journey. With patience, faith, and determination, we each will find our unique place within the One Magnificent Whole and experience the peace and joy of knowing that we are exactly where we are meant to be.

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