On Cloud Nine

On Cloud Nine

Image by Still Unique Photography

We all love our “cloud nine” experiences.  You know, those times when life is really great and we seem to be sailing along with happy hearts.  We believe that everything is going our way, and as long as they keep going our way, our hearts get to stay on cloud nine.  However, inevitably, life changes… our cloud evaporates, and we come crashing back to earth wondering what happened.  We tend to do this over and over again until, one day, out of desperation, we think, “There has got to be another way!” And so we open our minds and invite a different way of thinking to enter.  Instead of believing that our cloud nine experiences are created by what’s happening outside of us, we entertain the idea that maybe they are created by something within us.  As we explore this idea more, we come to find that happiness is just a thought away, and our cloud nine forever waits within our own mind and heart.

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  1. mewhoami
    Feb 13, 2014 @ 22:45:08

    I believe this to be true. We can only reach a ‘cloud nine’ experience, if we allow ourselves to. We have the power to enjoy a moment to its fullest, or let it pass us by. The choice is ours.


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