Pearls of Wisdom

Image by Still Unique Photography

Image by Still Unique Photography

We all have pearls of wisdom that we hold on to tightly; perhaps we may even have strands and strands of them.  We may keep them hidden in a special box and bring them out for special occasions, or we may use them every day. We depend on our pearls of wisdom to help solve problems and make decisions.  However, every once in a while, we find ourselves in a mess and wonder how we got there.  Then, we realize that we have lost our pearls. We try to think back to the last time we saw them and realize that we probably dropped them when we were frightened and running away.   We recognize that if we had not let our fears take over, had stopped instead and taken out our pearls of wisdom, we wouldn’t be in the mess right now.  However, it is never too late.  We can always summon up our courage, go back into the woods and find our pearls. Then, knowing we have the wisdom we need, we can make new choices that will lead to our highest good and the highest good of all involved.

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  1. Pocket Perspectives
    Mar 13, 2014 @ 23:47:10

    I love that metaphor you used….the pearls! it’s wonderful!


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