Squeezed In

Image by Still Unique Photography

Image by Still Unique Photography

We’ve all been in this situation more times than we care to admit.  You know, that situation we get ourselves into when we can’t say no. Once again we’ve taken on too much and now we’re feeling jam packed and pressured in from all sides. We’ve over-committed and we’re overwhelmed.  Just like these limes, we feel squeezed. Looking back, we know exactly the thinking that landed us here.  We wanted to be a team player and to be accommodating.  We wanted to help, to be involved, and to get things done.  We wanted to do our part, do what was right, and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.  We also didn’t want to upset others or to have others think negatively of us.  And, if those are not enough reasons, we also didn’t want to feel guilty for saying no.  So here we are, experiencing that ever too familiar nagging squeezed in feeling we get when we’ve crammed too many “should do’s” into our lives. We’re stuffed to the gills, gasping for air, and desperate to extract ourselves from this situation.  Thankfully, there is a way out.  Like so many of life’s big problems, the only way out is to go within.  To go within means to let go of all the old ways of thinking and ask just one simple question.  The question is not…. “Is it a good thing to do?” or “Is it the right thing?” or even “Is it the loving thing to do?” The only question to ask is…. “Is it mine to do”?  Then, as you still your mind and listen to your heart, you will hear the answer that is right for you, the one that will keep you away from being squeezed.

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