I Rock

Image by Still Unique Photography

Image by Still Unique Photography

When I was younger, I was perfectly content just being a rock. I didn’t know any “better.” But then I learned that not everyone felt that way. I realized there were certain standards one needed to live up to or have to be good enough. That’s when I learned about the other types of rocks. I came to understand that it was better to be a diamond, ruby, or even an amethyst because they were noticed, sought after, valued, and admired. In fact, people paid money for them. I also found out that it was better to be smooth and shiny instead of rough, cracked, and irregular. So, needless to say, I spent my life trying to be better. Icompared myself with others, and I analyzed, criticized, and judged myself. I believed that if I could make myself good enough, I would once again be content with myself. However, after years and years of hard work, contentment continued to elude me. I noticed, too, that many others who did seem to measure up weren’t content either. At this point, I began to question this premise. Is it really true that we need to measure up to certain standards or ideals to be content with ourselves? How could it be that I could be perfectly content being a rock one minute, and in the next, feel so inadequate and insignificant? I am still the same rock, nothing has changed…. Except my belief! That’s all! So, now, instead of trying to change myself, all I need to do is change my belief back to the one I had before…. when I didn’t know any “better”.

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