Egg Flower Bouquet

Image by Still Unique Photography

Image by Still Unique Photography

In our neighborhood, it always has been that nobody wants to have anything to do with a bunch of broken egg shells. It is believed that their only purpose is to protect the chick or egg, and once this is done, they are no longer needed or wanted. Because they are considered useless, no one gives these egg shells a second thought as they toss them in the trash and forget about them. Who would ever dream that egg shells could be useful for anything else? But the truth is that egg shells dream of being useful far beyond their chick or egg-carrying days. They see themselves as vessels, made to hold and protect anything that is placed inside them. This Egg Flower Bouquet is one egg shell’s beautiful dream. Maybe one day, there will come a time in our neighborhood when we will no longer judge the value or usefulness of another, and instead open our imagination to see the unlimited possibilities that exist in all things.

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