Rose Up

Rose Up

Image by Still Unique Photography

This little red rose bud had a grand vision. She wanted to see the world from a higher perspective. Her goal was to elevate her thinking so she could see the bigger picture. However, she was afraid of heights. One day, while discussing her dream and describing her fear to her friends, they hatched a plan. They gathered a bunch of egg shells which they would use to slowly raise the rose bud higher and higher until she could see “it” all. On the first day, only one egg shell was used, and the rose bud felt safe and well protected inside. Each day, one more egg shell was added to the stack, and little by little her fear diminished. Finally, all of the egg shells were stacked and the rose bud sat fearlessly high above. “What does the world look like from your elevated perspective?” her friends asked. “Oh,” she replied, “it is amazing. I see how a little help and encouragement from others can make all the difference in how we see the world.”

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