The Big Questions

Question Mark

Image by Still Unique Photography

We all have some big ones…. questions, that is. Einstein said the most important question a person can ask is: “Is the universe a friendly place?” Jesus asked: “Who do you say I am?” Well, I have a few questions of my own:

  • Who or What is God (the Universe, the Creator, the Source, the Force, the Presence, etc.)?
  • Who or what am I?
  • What is my relationship to God?
  • How does life work?

I do realize that I will never be able to completely, once and for all, answer these questions, but nevertheless, these are the questions that keep me seeking, moving forward, and growing. Admittedly, I have gained some understanding and am no longer completely clueless. However, the more I understand, the more I realize there is so much more to understand, and I find that rather exciting. It is like being on never ending journey that just keeps getting better and better.

I’ll bet you have some pretty big ones too. If you are willing to share your top queries , I would love to hear them.

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