All is Well Within

There is a bottomless well of love and wisdom within us.

Image by Still Unique Photography

Well, well, well….. look what I found!

While digging deep within one morning I discovered, to my surprise, a natural spring. At first it was just a little trickle of calm, but as I explored further, it began to bubble up and expand into a beautiful pool of peace and joy. In my mind, I encircled this tranquil space with a lovely stone wall, creating an enchanting well.

This wellspring is my quiet, happy place and I visit it often. As I reach in and gratefully drink from the bucket full of goodness, I am provided with whatever I need…courage, wisdom, confidence, strength, inspiration, peace, and joy. It is a bottomless source of love, and a limitless source of giving which constantly nourishes and refreshes my soul. With each visit and each sip, I am once again assured and reminded that all is well.

So, have you found your well yet? If not, keep digging. I think I hear the trickle just around the next bend.

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  1. allenergy
    Dec 05, 2014 @ 21:17:40



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