Houston, We Have a Problem! – Step 2

A 5 Step plan that I can do to help dismantle the fear based thinking that dominates our planet.Now that I have completed Step 1 of Houston’s 5 Step Plan to help redirect our planet’s course from one fueled by fear to one fueled by love, I’m ready for Step 2.

Step 1

I must take full responsibility for my part in this problem.

Step 2

I need to examine my beliefs and see which ones are leaking fear.

Because every thought, word, and action is motivated by a belief, let me examine what I really believe. Do I believe “others” are separate, different, evil, sinful, and guilty and therefore, a threat to my safety, way of life, peace, and happiness?  Or do I believe we are all one, all good, all innocent at our core, and all just wanting peace and happiness?  Do I believe there are enough resources to meet everyone’s needs and it is possible to share and live harmoniously as one human race? Or do I believe there can only be the “have a lots” and “have nots” and we are doomed to be prodigal children living like members of street gangs, segregating, controlling, intimidating, defending, fighting, retaliating, and killing just to protect ourselves and get our needs met?  Are we stronger together or stronger against each other?

Now, which of my beliefs are contributing to the fear based thinking of our world today? Which beliefs are mostly likely to bring peace?  Which beliefs do I need to keep, which ones do I need to change, and which ones to I need to eliminate?



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