Houston, We Have a Problem! – Step 4

A 5 Step plan that I can do to help dismantle the fear based thinking that dominates our planet.

Now that I have completed the first 3 Steps of Houston’s 5 Step Plan to help redirect our planet’s course from one fueled by fear to one fueled by love, I’m ready for Step 4.

Step 1 – I must take full responsibility for my part in this problem.

Step 2 – I need to examine my beliefs and see which ones are leaking fear.

Step 3 – I must apologize for my words and actions and repair relationships, where possible. 

Step 4 – It is essential that I release all the guilt and blame and forgive myself and others.

Guilt and blame feed on fear and are toxic to my thinking and behavior and so I let them go.   Forgiveness helps to clear away the debris from the guilt and blame, and so I forgive myself for every unloving belief, thought, word and action I have ever had, said, and done.  I know that these came from a place of fear, a place where I am wounded, and a place of misunderstanding about who I really I am.  I also forgive everyone for every hurtful and harmful thing I believe they have done, knowing that they, too, have forgotten who they really, were wounded and afraid.

We’re almost home….stayed tuned for Step 5.


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