Houston, We Have a Problem! – Step 5

A 5 Step plan that I can do to help dismantle the fear based thinking that dominates our planet.Now that I have completed steps 1-4 of Houston’s 5 Step Plan to help redirect our planet’s course from one fueled by fear to one fueled by love, I’m ready for the final step.

Step 1 – I must take full responsibility for my part in this problem.

Step 2 – I need to examine my beliefs and see which ones are leaking fear.

Step 3 – I must apologize for my words and actions and repair relationships, where possible. 

Step 4 – It is essential that I release all the guilt and blame and forgive myself and others.

Step 5 – I can change my behavior by changing my beliefs and understanding.

My beliefs and understanding about myself, others, our world, and even God, dictate my words and actions.  Consequently, when I mis-believe and misunderstand, then I misbehave. If I choose to continue to believe that we are all separate from one another and that there are not enough resources to go around, then fear, in all its forms, is what I will experience and continue to project out into the world, contributing to the chaos and insanity.  Since I no longer choose do this, then I will need to change my beliefs and understanding to promote love instead of fear.  And so…. I choose to believe in the good in others, to believe there is enough for everyone, to believe in our oneness, and to believe that we can all learn to live in peace.  I choose to see others with eyes of love, and offer understanding and compassion, instead of judgment, criticism, and blame. I choose to change what I read, listen to, and watch so that I am no longer feeding the fear based thinking. I choose to no longer support organizations or participate in situations or conversations that contribute to this “us-against-them” mentality.  I choose to share and give and I choose to be the change I want to see in the world.



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