Dumpster Diving

Dumpster DivingI had known for a long time that there was a dumpster overflowing with junk parked in my head.  For decades, I’d been very careful not to get too close to it because it scared me.  It stunk and there were all kinds of nasty varmints living in it.  I came to the point where I couldn’t stand the stench any longer.  I knew that no one, including the Sanitation Department, was ever going to come and haul this rotting garbage away.   If I wanted to get rid of it, I needed to dive in and do it myself.

I’d heard stories from other divers that there is a treasure buried at the bottom of every dumpster.  They said it is a one-of-a-kind diamond, a perfect light in the shape of each person’s soul.  What is really amazing is that, despite the fact that it may have been buried for decades, they claimed that it hadn’t been damaged or diminished in any way.  They said that when you find it, and hold it to your heart, your eyes will be opened and all misperceptions would disappear.  So, with this added incentive, I wrestled past my fear, held my nose, and dove in.

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed at all the crap I found.  There were bags of beliefs based on fear, rusty projections, tons of gritty guilt and shame, slimy sacks of judgments, and greasy boxes of grievances, to name a few. But as I picked each one up and tossed it out, I could see a glow beginning to filter up from the bottom, so I kept diving.  A little deeper, I found moldy lies, rat infested insecurities, stinking bits of worthlessness, and rotten chunks of lack and separation.  Then, finally, when all the garbage had been cleared away, I found my light!  It was a beautiful glowing diamond, illuminated with such intensity that all illusions about myself and life vanished.  I saw myself as I really am: innocent, worthy, whole, and perfect, living always and forever in the Garden of Eden, surrounded by love, and filled with peace.

I highly recommend dumpster diving – if you really want to clear you head

Take Time to Be

Image by Still Unique Photography

Image by Still Unique Photography

In our culture, being is highly under-valued and significantly under-rated.  Who has time to be when there is so much to do? However, the truth is, without adequate time just being, our doing can easily become misguided, frantic, less productive, and stressful.  If you would like to kick your doing up a notch, the best thing you can do is to add a little ‘be’ time before you begin.  Give it a try and see what happens…. you’ll be glad you did.

The Perfect Gift

You are the gift everyone needs and wants.

Image by Still Unique Photography

“I don’t know what it is, but I’ll know it when I see it.” We’ve all said this before as we go on the hunt for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. More than anything, we want to bring a bunch of bliss to someone we love. We want them to twinkle with joy and shimmer with happiness. We want to show our love big time with glitter, lights, and a chorus of angels. We can’t wait to hear them say, “That’s just what I need!” or “That’s what I’ve always wanted!” or “Its absolutely perfect!” We know this perfect gift is out there somewhere, and we’re determined to find it. Like water witching, we polish up our honing devices and begin our quest. We search and look, and look and search, waiting for “that feeling” that lets us know we’ve found it.

Well, guess what! You can stop searching, halt your hunting, and squelch your quest. You don’t need to look any further. That perfect gift, the one that everyone wants and needs, is right here under your nose. In fact, it includes your nose. This year, do your loved ones and the world a favor, and give them what they really want and need…YOU! Agree to untie your splendor, unwrap you wonderfulness, and take the lid off your loveliness. Open wide your heart and share the perfect gift that you are with the world. You are guaranteed to make them twinkle with joy and shimmer with happiness. Shhhh…… is that a chorus of angels I hear?

Life Rules


Image by Still Unique Photography

What rules do you play by? We all have a set of internal rules we use to play the game of life, whether we are aware of them or not.   And, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, we all don’t play by the same rules, which can cause a great deal of confusion and conflict. To make the game of life even more interesting, many of us aren’t even sure which game we’re playing. Some of us think we’re playing Monopoly while others believe we’re playing Candyland. Then there are others who don’t understand the rules or have lost the rule sheet. And, of course, we have those who are more free-spirited and just make up the game and the rules as they go.

Everyone has their favorite games they like to play. Some of us are expert Hungry Hippo players; others of us are great at Skippo or Mousetrap. It would be wonderful if we could all agreed to play the same game following the same rules, but until that happens, maybe the best we can do is to understand the game we are playing and then to try to figure out what everyone else is playing. Here is a list of some of the more popular games: Sorry, Beat the Parents, Clue, Trouble, Battleship, Bounce Off, Pandemic, Mousetrap, Operation, Hangman, Scrabble, Risk, Twister, Break the Ice, Charades, Aggravation, Let’s Go Fishing, Dungeons and Dragons, Crazy Eights, War, Hearts, Bridge.

Which one do you like to play? Anyone up for a game of Risk or Charades? Now, where did I put that rule sheet?

All is Well Within

There is a bottomless well of love and wisdom within us.

Image by Still Unique Photography

Well, well, well….. look what I found!

While digging deep within one morning I discovered, to my surprise, a natural spring. At first it was just a little trickle of calm, but as I explored further, it began to bubble up and expand into a beautiful pool of peace and joy. In my mind, I encircled this tranquil space with a lovely stone wall, creating an enchanting well.

This wellspring is my quiet, happy place and I visit it often. As I reach in and gratefully drink from the bucket full of goodness, I am provided with whatever I need…courage, wisdom, confidence, strength, inspiration, peace, and joy. It is a bottomless source of love, and a limitless source of giving which constantly nourishes and refreshes my soul. With each visit and each sip, I am once again assured and reminded that all is well.

So, have you found your well yet? If not, keep digging. I think I hear the trickle just around the next bend.

For Sale by Owner

Image by Still Unique Photography

Image by Still Unique Photography

Is there a big fat ‘For Sale by Owner’ sign plastered on my back? Yep, there it is! I thought I felt something weighing me down. So, it looks like I’ve put my self back on the market….again.

After a little chat with my real estate agent, it appears that I have been selling myself short. I’ve been under-valuing myself and under-rating my worth. I’ve been entertaining self-judgmental thoughts and comparing myself to others and coming up short of funds.   It also seems I’ve been selling my self off piece by piece. I have repeatedly compromised myself, to the point of sacrifice, in several areas. “When did this happen?” I asked. She replied, “Remember when you didn’t go to exercise class because your friend really needed to talk, and when, out of guilt, you agreed to work on a committee, and when you accompanied your sister to a Bunco party when you really wanted to stay home?” “Oh.” I said. According to my real estate agent, that’s not all. It appears that there is a sale pending and I’m getting ready to close the deal and completely sell myself out to the highest, or loudest, bidder. As I stop for a second to ponder this, a soft whisper flitters by, “Don’t sign anything.   You don’t need to change a thing. Where you are and what you do is just perfect for who you are. Your happiness resides is being true to yourself. So, before it too late, walk away from the deal, no matter how sweet it sounds!”

When I told my real estate agent that I decided to take my self off the market, she said, without skipping a beat, “Have you ever considered a short sale?”….. Don’t even go there!

Is Yours an Innie or an Outie?

Image by Still Unique Photography

Image by Still Unique Photography

No, I’m not talking about belly buttons, I’m talking about success. Where do you get yours from? Are you an outie who believes success comes from reaching specific goals, making money, being popular, receiving approval, or having power? This is definitely how our culture defines it. We are constantly striving for more likes on our Facebook page, more followers on our blogs and websites, more customers, increased sales, more supporters, higher test scores, more income, higher ratings, more recognition, and more…. Success is determined and measured by getting something from out there, and there is a great deal of external pressure to ‘make it’.

Or are you an innie who believes success is about personal fulfillment? If you are an innie, you’re focused on following your heart and believe that you are successful when you’re true to yourself and doing what you feel called to do, regardless of the outcome. True happiness and satisfaction come from following your inner passion, not from extrinsic rewards. There is a great freedom being an innie because your success isn’t measured, defined, or determined by others. It is totally an inside job.

While it isn’t easy to change from an outie to an innie, it can be done, even without surgery. All it takes is desire, commitment, confidence, and patience. And when you find you’ve slipped and your innie has popped out, just take your finger and push it back in!


Sign:  Stay on the Trail

Image by Still Unique Photography

Marco?……silence.  SH**!

There’s a game we used to play as children in the pool called ‘Marco Polo.’ One person would be “It” and he/she would close his/her eyes and yell, “Marco”.  The other person or persons in the pool would respond, “Polo”.  The object of the game was for Marco to find Polo.  I must have really enjoyed this game as a child, because I seem to play it often, as an adult, in real life.

More times than I care to admit, I have found myself yelling, “Marco?” and hearing nothing but silence.  My heart sinks as I realize, “I’ve done it again!  I’ve closed my eyes and wandered so far off the path that I can no longer hear Polo’s voice.  I have switched pools and have no idea where I am, or how I got here.”  During these times, I find it best to first just sit down, right where I am.  Then, I remind myself not to panic; there’s plenty of daylight left. And besides, I have wandered off before, and I have always found my way back.  Like Hansel and Gretel, all I need to do is to retrace my steps until I find the point of my divergence. So, once again, I stand up, dust myself off, and take a few deep calming breaths.  Step by step, as I undo my erroneous thinking, I begin to find my way back.

“Marco?”……. “Polo”.  SIGH.

Who Gets To Be In Control?


Image by Still Unique Photography

There is a perpetual tug-of-war going on where I live. No, it’s not about the remote control; it’s about time. To be more specific, it’s about the present moment. The big conflict here is: who gets to decide how to spend this present moment? On one end is my ego, who wants to spend it either dwelling on the past or fretting about the future. It is relentless in its pursuit. It refuses to let go, it grabs, complains, and screams bloody murder if it doesn’t get its way. It has its finger constantly on the FEAR button, and likes to use phrases such as you should, you need to, what will people think, you’re being selfish, you’re gonna regret this, you should have, you really blew it, and so on. At the other end is my higher self. It prefers to spend the present moment in quiet, and would like nothing better than to hold down the mute button on my ego. It desires only to be fully present in this moment, being open and receptive to whatever is. There is no drama, no hurry, and no worries, just acceptance, awareness, and appreciation. My higher self believes confident nonresistance is the best way to “win”, though it never lets go of the rope. And my ego believes that cussing and pulling with all its might is the only way to “win”.  As referee, I have to say, that at this present moment my higher self gets to be in control. Now where is that mute button on the remote control?

Tell me, at this present moment, who gets to be in control where you live?

Little Bits of Good

ceramic horse

Image by Still Unique Photography

Life can be challenging and sometimes it can down right suck! Perhaps, that which we have feared has actually happened, or the unexpected has busted into our life, shattering it into a million little pieces. Fear has taken over and we are overwhelmed and confused. Our mind is in a full throttle gallop racing down the path toward the worst case scenario. We don’t know where the reins are and we’re holding on for dear life, wishing it would stop so we can get down, dust off, and just walk away.

While, we know that all things are working out for our highest good, it certainly doesn’t look like it or feel like it. In times like these, we need to take a different perspective. Instead of looking for our big picture GOOD way out into the future, we can lower our eyes and look for a little bit of good right here, right now, in this present moment. Just being grateful for a friend’s smile, a bird singing, no line at the store, or even our favorite cookie can make a significant difference. Not only will focusing on the little bits of good help slow down our runaway mind, it just might enable us to reach deep down and find our reins again. Then, we can stop, change direction, and head down the path toward the best case scenario, all the while keeping our focus on the little bits of good along the way.

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