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Have you ever noticed how much emphasis we put on doing?  It seems as though every moment is spent “doing” something.  Even when we say or think we aren’t doing anything, we are. We’re watching TV, texting, waiting, checking Facebook, reading, meditating, or even relaxing. We measure our value and self-worth by what and how much we are doing. There are even times when we question if we are doing enough. We wonder constantly, “What should I be doing?” or “What am I supposed to be doing?”  Our whole purpose in life has become wrapped up in doing, doing, doing.

When we think about not doing anything, we feel anxious. We worry about being bored and we feel guilty when we think we aren’t doing something or doing enough.  Fear creeps in when we are unsure whether we’re doing the right thing or not.  Doing nothing is frowned upon because we equate it with being lazy and unproductive and this makes us uneasy. The bottom line is, we just aren’t comfortable with the idea of doing nothing.

This attitude of doing has gotten completely out of hand.  Because we have not given ourselves permission to do nothing, to just be, we are out of balance. We are so busy doing, we can’t see the “being” in ourselves or each other. And because of this, we can’t sense our connectedness and our oneness with all that is.  I propose we change the way we think about this. Let’s give ourselves permission to do nothing every day.  Let’s give ourselves permission to just be.  If you are like me, when I meditate, I feel like I am doing or supposed to be doing something because meditating is something we do.  I’m proposing we simply do nothing.  We give ourselves permission to just sit and be. We can say to ourselves, “I give myself permission to do absolutely nothing right now. There is nothing I need to do or am supposed to do.  I don’t need to meditate, think, focus, or concentrate on anything.  I give myself permission to just be.”   As you do this, I believe you will feel an opening within and will discover that giving yourself permission to do nothing is one of the greatest things you can “do” for yourself.

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